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A photography project exploring suicide.
Now open at the Long Gallery (London) until 20th October.

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I Want to Live

I Want to Live is a project run by photographer Daniel Regan and suicide respite centre Maytree. The project comprises a number of interviews and photographic portraits of Maytree’s volunteer workforce, investigating what brings people to volunteer with those in suicidal crisis, volunteers’ own mental health experiences and the impact of suicide. Alongside these images are a series of photographs taken at the house, highlighting the liminal space where significant change often takes place and the traces that Maytree’s many guests have left behind.

The original grant from the National Lottery Community Fund formed a 4 month exhibition at the Free Space Project (London), during which Daniel ran a number of arts workshops focusing on suicide and bereavement for patients and staff.


Maytree is a unique suicide respite centre providing befriending support for people experiencing suicidal thoughts and feelings in a non-clinical and unique space.

Based in north London within a home setting and supported by over a hundred volunteers, Maytree supports thousands of people each year by providing in-person, telephone and e-mail support. Maytree provides the opportunity for a one off stay of four nights and five days for guests experiencing suicidal feelings. During this time guests are encouraged to explore their suicidal feelings in a non-judgemental safe space with staff and volunteers.

Daniel Regan

Daniel Regan is a photographer and suicide attempt survivor specialising in health and wellbeing.

From using photography to navigate his own mental health history to building large-scale commissioned interactive and immersive installations exploring the soothing qualities of landscape, Daniel aims to prompt viewers and collaborators to consider how the arts can be used to explore health. His work encompasses the full spectrum of our wellbeing, both identifying and working through often difficult experiences whilst engaging people with ideas of self-advocacy and self-expression.


I quite enjoy, now, reflecting on how I became mad and that process of where the brain takes you. That I find fascinating. I think it’s quite difficult to become suicidal really. You need trigger points, some people just need one, I needed quite a few. But once you’re there…


When I was a first year student Maytree was one of the placements that was on offer. I felt I could really empathise with where people were, how difficult things can be and how depression can grind you down. I guess I was attracted to Maytree for that reason. I remember being at the interview, and when they read out some of the suicide scenarios my stomach lurched. It was such a strong reaction and I felt this was the place for me. I still feel like that.

Current Exhibition

The I Want to Live project is currently on show at the Long Gallery at the Maudsley Hospital in South London, supported by the Maudsley Charity. The exhibition continues until October 20th 2019.

Maudsley Hospital
Denmark Hill
020 3228 2830

Enter the Maudsley Hospital through the main entrance on Denmark Hill. Turn left past the reception desk and follow the signs to the Long Gallery. For further information please contact sam.curtis@bethlemgallery.com.

Open daily from 8am to 7pm.

If you have a venue and would like to show the work, please get in touch.

Past Exhibitions

Exposure Gallery

In November 2018 we teamed up with The Photography Movement to be a part of a programme of exhibitions called TPM Exposed at Exposure Gallery, London.

Founded by lifelong friends Scott Shillum and Steven Wallington who both lost close family and friends to suicide, The Photography Movement is a not-for-profit organisation founded to help all humankind express their feelings and emotions through the medium of photography.

Through a carefully curated programme of exhibitions, workshops and talks, The Photography Movement fosters a community spirit and encourages people to compose, capture and share images that tell the story of how they feel.

As part of Exposure’s 25th anniversary, The Photography Movement, in partnership with Canon, will take residence within the Exposure Gallery from the 4th October until the 13th December. Showcasing a varied selection of work from leading photographers, the series will promote the benefits of photography to support mental wellbeing, as well as raise awareness and funds for charity partners.

Free Space Project

I Want to Live first opened at the Free Space Project and ran from June 22nd — October 12th 2018. The private view attracted over 200 visitors with speeches from Daniel Regan (photographer & Free Space Project Artistic Director), Natalie Howarth (Maytree Director), Alistair Campbell (journalist) and Dr Roy Macgregor (Free Space Project charity Chair). The exhibition attracted approximately 6500 visitors and raised money for Free Space Project and Maytree.


During the exhibition period a number of events will be taking place at the Free Space Project. Please see below for event details. All events are free but please do RSVP. If you have any queries please e-mail info@iwanttolive.photography.

Exhibition Tour & Artist Talk
5th July, 6pm — 8.30pm
Free, click here to book a space

Join Daniel for a tour of the exhibition. Following the tour Daniel will talk about how the project came about and his practice as an artist working in mental health.

Arts Workshops
Daniel Regan will be running a series of arts workshops open to the general public focusing on suicide, bereavement and mental health. The workshops will take place at the Free Space Project and are co-facilitated with clinical support by integrative psychotherapist Lizz Lewis.

Workshops will take place on:
13th September (6pm — 8.30pm)
20th September (6pm — 8.30pm)
27th September (6pm — 8.30pm)
7th November (6pm — 8.30pm)

Click here to book a place on any of the above workshop dates.

11th October (6pm — 8.30pm). This workshop is specifically for clinicians/workers in mental health. Click here to book for this workshop.


For any enquiries (including press) please get in touch by e-mail either to info@iwanttolive.photography or using the form to the right. If you would like to do any press interviews please get in touch for us to send you a full press pack with project information.